I bet you are getting pinched in traffic and crowds throughout Denver currently.

The picture here depicts the finished construction project that will enhance the skyline and status of Denver in the eyes of the world. I am hopeful the new residents, long time residents and even natives all appreciate our wonderful city and become stewards in effort to preserve it for future generations.

Is Denver getting a bit crowded? 

I see this discomfort is due to tourism, conventions, transplants and construction. Plus, we are here and we too all add to the congestion. 

Well, indoor living is not why we enjoy Denver. 

The fresh air, incredibles view of the mountains and of course the crazy weather makes it easy to overcome the inconvenience of so many people.

The worst of all the bad things however is slow traffic.

My question is:

Is slow traffic and rude "Cut-you-off" driving what we have become? I am betting that this is . fact we are going to have to cope with going forward. Remember, as time goes on, the population is NOT going down.

Denver and surrounding cities are experiencing "small city" growing pains. These frustrations came on recently but will soon fade.

The roads have not been widened in decades so they seem a bit crowded. Lane expansion is happening all over the city and soon it will mostly be completed.



Native residents, as well as, long established residents, (those here for more than a fortnight) know one important fact:  Denver has never been a rapidly or continuously fast-growing metropolis in the recent two decades.

It is not changing now, it is only going through an adjustment period.

We get to see the Denver as the small city "growing up" during the upcoming summer months.


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