is this site. A MUST to know traffic conditions! is a site that has incredible features and you should put this on your smart device.

It is something that will show you real video of places that may be under BIG traffic problems.

New to town or native, we all are seeing fast changes

After 20 years of residency I feel a bit lost in Denver today.

                    ~Do you feel  out of place and lost sometimes?


I have done something to give me a bit of grounded perspective; I started an information newsletter with real personality...


It is focused to bringing information about Denver that only time and experiences can build.We are the people who moved here or grew up here and make up this growing city.



It is really amazing! This place changes you!.

After a visit only one time you really fall in love. Soon you are thinking, ...should I make the move? (You never realize the profound change you experience by being here, even one time.)

Then, once you move here .... WOW what a personal and cultural change!


You are now Coloradan!

Something we do mostly every day!

Check the weather/travel/mountain pass conditions!

Road Conditions & Travel information

Air Quality is also a curious indication of how we measure the challenges we face; The Air Now website on air quality readings.


To learn more in general about Denver Here!

Great news!

There are thousands of new natives being born every year and we welcome every one! These are naturals and of course, we eagerly greet new arrivals on a daily basis. Colorado boasts some of the best schools in the country and many areas are very proud of their individual accomplishments.

Hopefully, you will be fortunate enough to get settled quickly so the fun can begin! See our news letter for inside details on great information.

We bring you inside information on our state, region and mostly the secrets that only some of us know about.

Colorado is FULL of Parks, Concerts, Mountains, Friendly People and quickly improving roads.


If you have any questions on roads, detours, conditions for driving or any other highway or byway path connect to the only source 


Wildlife Viewing Tips 712

Good information regarding Colorado's wildlife.

CO Wildlife Infographic (Educational)

So many animals you do not know fun fun!

Horses and Honey

Horses and Honey  
Sumac Hill Farm
Centennial, Colorado