Colorado Virtual Tour Guide Book

Hey, I just completed my Inside Guide on how to make it in Denver.

I know full well that not everyone can own the big homes in and near the mountains but there are many of us that once we get here, be it a week, a minth or even a few years, things are challenging.

Well after 20 some years in the Denver suburban neighborhood things have really changed.

So much that now we really are floundering in a sea of many people. People in trails, in parks, at movies, in bars and restaraunts and well on the roads too.

You want to get a how to on survival in Denver the get my Inside Guide.

 Take a virtual tour of Colorado                           

 Fishing is Big Time in Colorado...World Class!

  ...  download the state fishing brochure to update your fishing and hunting permits!        🙂     ❤

Great Colorado tools coming soon.

Good Day! I have found that many of you are enjoying the site and all the places to go. I am now going to show you a great set of "Must Have's" to make your adventures safe and more enjoyable. Check out my new set of "Colorado focused Tools!"

Check out non-toxic oils for sale.

Cheers! Charlie

Resource for Colorado Fishing and Boating

This PDF is the total information on fishing in Colorado....Fantastic resource to start!

Adopt a Bee!

If you ever wanted to bee a good earth friendly person try this!

 Can't adopt?   You may save them by selectiing

Other ways to Help your Local Bees and the Environment

If you can’t adopt a bee now place here are a few ways you can help the bee in your area.

1. Stop using chemicals in your garden and on your yard! Pesticides, insecticides, and weed killers are powerful and persistent and kill bees and other beneficial insects. Consider biological and organic controls like ladybugs!

2. Grow native! Growth plants native to your region. Select plants that produce a lot of nectar and pollen. Ask you local garden supply shop for details.

3. Buy organic! Some seeds contain clothianidin and other systemic insecticides that kill bees and other insects. Read the labels and if in doubt don’t buy them. Organic seed costs only pennies more than conventional. Some commercial compost contains imidacloprid, a very deadly insecticide. This chemical gets into the soil and water thereby absorbed by plants, ingested by pets, people, bees, and butterflies. Go organic as much as you can.

Adopt a Bee

Adopt a Honey Bee program provides you with great natural organic kosher honey and it is from your own bee family!

Learning about pollinators is so important and supporting our bees is just that.

Facts about how to adopt a Honey Bee

Easy, fun, educational and great for kids to become involved in.

A more few tips about where you are...

A friendly onlooker near DIA!

This site is the state Road Condition site. Inter-Active Maps, Camera views, traffic reports all real time! Plan your trip knowing the traffic flow.


Mass Transit - Use the bus and light rail when you are able. Cheap and Easy! Visit the RTD website to plan your trip.

Colorado is home to:


Weather Everywhere

❤   Colorado 

  • Colorado 2-1-1 is a simple and easy-to-remember number and web site that people can access when they need help or want to give help.

    Often times, people don’t know where to go for help… or that help is available. People don’t know that emergency food and shelter assistance is available, child care is accessible for low- and middle-income families, after-school programs offer a safe place for youth, and more. And, if you have heard of a service, but can’t remember where it is, how do you find out?

     2-1-1 is your community solution. The three-digit number is easy-to-remember and provides a direct link to non-emergency help for health and human services.

The 365-Day Bucket List from Outside Online.

You need ideas, this is a good start!