Attractions in Colorado

Art in the Suburbs of Denver

The Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA) offers visitors a look at sculpture art unlike any other in the area. They also feature a variety of performance art programs. The group places art throughout the Denver area, or you can visit their location in Englewood that features both indoor and outdoor galleries. The site-specific sculpture is placed in botanical gardens, sculpture gardens, office parks, and throughout the city to encourage city residents and visitors to take a moment to appreciate sculpture art in their everyday life. This exposes people who do not have the means or the desire to visit a traditional museum to artwork. However, the museum affiliated with the MOA should be a destination for those who are art lovers. It is located at the Englewood Civic Center which is near the center of the city of Englewood. The site features indoor galleries, studio, events and programs. and occasional displays in the outdoor area around the site.

Englewood underwent a renaissance in the later part of the century when city officials made an effort to gentrify the areas surrounding south Denver. The MOA fit in perfectly with this plan and their sculpture program blends nicely into the renovated landscape and community feeling in Englewood. The public transit system in Englewood, the RTD Light Rail, as well as the public bus system, follow routes that highlight the sculpture throughout the city. This gives folks a chance to enjoy art on their way somewhere, without having to stop and visit a museum. It also encourages people to later take time to enjoy the art at the indoor museum by capturing their interest and piquing their curiosity.

There are ten sculptures in the outdoor sculpture garden at the MOA, nine of which are part of Collection IV. Collection IV was a group of pieces given to the MOA from the International Sculpture Center in New Jersey. The tenth piece is a part of the current exhibit because it "... follows in the examination of late 20th century sculpture.''

Located at the museum site is the Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre. This structure was created in 1988 and is the site of outdoor performances of various arts including music, dramatic performances, and spoken work and lecture. The amphitheatre is considered one of the premier concert venues in Colorado. The site features a massive environmental earth sculpture, created by artist George Hargreaves, and this sculpture is the defining element of the venue today. The theatre has a seating capacity of 18,000 and offers Rocky Mountain sunset views in the background. The site has been host to entertainment performances by B.B. King, Sting, the Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Prince, the Who, and Jimmy Buffett. The venue attracts over 200,000 event goers every year. Fiddler's Green is owned by the MOA and operates under Live Nation, the largest music promoter in the world.

For a relaxing day of enjoying sculptural art, or to see an excellent performance while visiting Denver, take a trip to Englewood and see the Museum of Outdoor Arts.

Beautiful Countryside - Recreation and Fun

There is a location in the United States where you can be in four places at once. The Mesa Verde National Park covers four corners of four states: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. The area is filled with natural history, cultural history, and plenty of opportunities for fun. Every year visitors come from all over the country to enjoy the annual birding festival. Here they enjoy lectures, tours, and activities geared toward birding enthusiasts.

This scenic area has a history of Native American residents that spans back thousands of years. Nomadic people resided in the area from at least 10,000 B.C. and lived by hunting and gathering food. The mysterious Anasazi people lived in the area from about 1 A.D. until 1300 A.D. and are the civilization most studied from the area. Their homes were built into the cliffs of Mesa Verde and these amazing cavernous homes inside of the mountainside are popular visitor attractions today. Even if you have never had an interest in ancient cultures or civilizations, this site is an amazing area to explore. If you are in the area for other reasons, or you happen to pass by, take some time to check out the dwellings of these amazing and mysterious people.

This National Park is a haven for those who love the outdoors and love recreation and adventure. The area is filled with geographical diversity and you can enjoy scenic views and physical challenges of mesas, canyons, and mountains. Visitors can spend their time hunting, skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, rafting, golfing, snowmobiling, and horseback riding, all in one park! The climate is perfect for outdoor activities, making plenty of recreational activities available all year long. You can ski in the chill of the morning and take a warm hike in the caverns in the afternoon.

The area features a number of opportunities in addition to outdoor recreation including delicious dining, comfortable lodging, and unique shopping opportunities. Mesa Verde Park is surrounded by hotels, cabins, lodges, camps, and bed and breakfasts, all of which are the perfect solution for an overnight stay following a tiring day in the park. Hotels range in price from discount and affordable to expensive and luxurious. A number of the bed and breakfasts are historic, and feature gardens for strolling after a delicious homemade breakfast. Many of them offer spectacular mountain views.

Restaurants in town and near the park are plentiful. Regardless of whether you need to fuel up with a quick snack before heading back out for more adventure, or if you are looking for a large, home-cooked meal that will really stick to your ribs, this is the place. You can enjoy delicious flavors of the southwestern region of the country and dine on cowboy chow, pastas, steaks, seafood, chili, salsa, and a number of treats. As a special bonus, there are numerous microbreweries in Colorado so you can enjoy tours and sample handcrafted beer during your stay. Mesa Verde National Park in Cortez is a great destination for recreation and fun. Experience the beauty of four states, right from the corner of Colorado.